Brazilian launches exhibition about Arab women

27 de outubro de 2017

Visual artist Margot Jabbour presents 20 original works in Ibiza, Spain, where she’s been living for five years. The exhibition runs from November 7 to 24.

São Paulo – Margot Jabbour, a São Paulo-born, daughter of Lebanese parents visual artist searched for inspiration in the life of Arab women for her most recent work, the exhibition “Los Colores Del Refugio”, which includes 20 works and is on show at the cultural space of newspaper Diario de Ibiza, Spain, from November 7 to 24.

The Brazilian chose Lebanon, the origins of her family, as the theme of the exhibition and portrayed the life of Muslim Arab peasant women, as well as the life of Syrian refugees that live in the country. “Since Ibiza was colonized by the Phoenicians, it makes sense for me to show my origins,” explains Jabbour, alluding to the former inhabitants of Lebanon.

With her paintings, the artist colors the day-to-day lives of these women, bringing ease and beauty to the viewer. Jabbour shows her intention of bring down the prejudices against Muslim culture. “There’s a load in the image of these women and with this work I try to take off this stigma of the suffering women, showing colorful canvasses, so the people can see that there’s joy in the life of these people and respect the cultural differences,” she says.

In her research for the exhibition, Jabbour got to know the Conexus Project, an artist collective that travels the world doing interventions in places of social vulnerability, such as a project of a panel in Syria that was done near six months ago. To them, the initiative’s goal is to bring inspiration, hope and justice to those living in these places.

“We’re going through a very delicate moment in the world, with a strong prejudice against Muslims, and the refugee crisis is also worrying. To use art to alleviate this suffering and bring joy to people is something that touches me,” says Jabbour.

With a major in Economy at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), the visual artist found in Ibiza the freedom to express herself through her art. “It was the only way I found to be completely free,” she says. Currently, she lives in the island with her husband, the also São Paulo-born DJ and event producer Pablo Palumbo, and her three-year-old daughter.

The visual artist plans to open her own gallery in February 2018. A space for paintings, music, fashion and events. The new space’s purpose is to present the works of new artists to Spain.

The opening of the exhibition “Los Colores Del Refugio” is scheduled for November 7, at 7 pm.

Quick info
Exhibition Margot Jabbour - Los Colores Del Refugio
Jornal Diario de Ibiza - Av. de la paz s/n - Ibiza - Spain
November 7 to 24, 2017

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani