Company exports children’s shoes to UAE

15 de junho de 2016

Pinókio, of São Paulo, started selling its products to a store chain in Dubai. The company has shipped two batches to the city in the past, and hopes to increase sales to its Arab client.

São Paulo – The São Paulo-based children’s shoe manufacturer started shipping product to the United Arab Emirates in the second half of last year, and it has shipped two batches so far. Now, it plans on stepping up sales to its Arab client.

“We sell sneakers, sandals and flats numbered 16 through 27,” says company director Dorival Canassa. The shipment to the UAE comprised men’s and women’s shoes. “The store chain is making a test to see what condition the product arrives in. I believe we could expand,” the executive says.

Canassa explains that the person in charge of sales to the Arab country is a freelance professional the Brazilian shoe company hired to look for buyers abroad. The first batch shipped to the UAE comprised 2,000 shoe pairs; and the second one contained 1,800 pairs.

In Brazil, Pinókio takes part in shoe industry expos including Couromoda, Francal and International Leather and Shoe Trade Fair (SICC). According to Canassa, the company was approached by Kuwaiti visitors at one of these events, but no actual deals have gone through with them so far.

Canassa says the import/export agent who’s in charge of sales to the UAE is in touch with several retailers and distributors across the region. “We are sending out photos and product samples,” he asserts, without specifying to which countries.

Currently, Pinókio also exports to Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Cuba, Peru, Brunei and Colombia. The company’s daily output ranges from 2,800 to 4,000 shoe pairs, depending on seasonal demand. It ships 3% of total production abroad.

Pinókio was founded in 1987 and is based in Birigui, São Paulo. It has a staff of 85.

Phone: +55 18 3642-6044

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum