A successful sale requires a safe process, with guarantees for importer and exporter alike.

The Arab Chamber is the only bilateral, multi-nation chamber of commerce in Brazil to be recognized and authorized by the League of Arab States and the General Union of Arab Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture to issue certificates of origin, and to certify export documents to Arab countries, thus ensuring importers of the source of the goods being bought, and guaranteeing to exporters that the paperwork requirements of the Arab buying parties are being fully met. It also certifies other commercial documentation being issued to Arab countries.

We rely on a specialized document analysis team to ensure that all rules of origin and requirements of Arab importers are complied with. The Arab Chamber staff will spare no efforts to clear up all your queries regarding documents certification, and to steer you through all of the required steps.

Our system involves a customized label compliant with international certification standards that will make for a quicker process, as well as legitimize, validate and attest to the veracity of your documents.

You can keep track of your Certificate of Origin issuance process every step of the way at The entire procedure will take no longer than 24 hours (except on weekends and holidays).

In order to make life easier for exporters, we also bridge the gap with Arab embassies whose job it is to legalize your export papers following their certification by the Arab Chamber. Legalization processing times will vary from one embassy to another.

Upon receipt of the goods, Arab importing parties can also ascertain the authenticity of their papers at by entering their process number and the code printed on their certification label.

Main documents for export to the Arab countries:
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