A celebration of immigrants in São Paulo

13 de maio de 2016

São Paulo – The 21st Immigrant Party is scheduled to June 5, 11 and 12 in the city of São Paulo and will have attractions from more than 30 countries. Among these nations, Arabs will be represented by Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. This year’s edition of the event, which is organized by the Immigration Museum, has included in its programming storytelling for children, handicraft and culinary workshops, dance presentations and exhibition of arts and crafts.

The folk dance Sawalef, from Morocco, will be presented on Sunday (5). On the following Saturday (11), the art space Malaika Art Space will present dances from the Arab countries. On Sunday (12), the dance company Companhia de Dança Alegria Cigana will present an Egyptian dance, according to the event’s organization.

The cuisines of Morocco, Syria and Lebanon will be the topic of two sessions of the gastronomy workshop: in a space called “sabor paulista” (São Paulo state flavor), those at the party will be able to watch the making of a Moroccan couscous on Sunday (5).

On Saturday (11), the gastronomy workshop will be centered on Syria with the presentation of the falafel, a deep-fried patty made of chickpeas. Also on Saturday, an expert in Lebanon cuisine will demonstrate how to make a toast with Za’atar, a very common seasoning in Middle East and North Africa countries prepared with spices. On Sunday (12), at 2:30 pm, the dance workshop will teach basic notions of belly dancing.

The Immigration Museum is located in the old Immigrant Lodge, in the neighborhood of Brás, in the city of São Paulo. In this place, between 1887 and 1978, arrived around 2.5 million people of more than 70 countries in search of new opportunities for their lives. A lot of them, such as the Italians, would head to coffee crops throughout the state. Besides serving as lodge, the place had an outpatient clinic, mail services and hosted the Official Colonization and Labor Agency. The last group of immigrants to arrive there were the Koreans in 1978.

Besides the attractions from some countries, the event will present the culture, arts and crafts and cuisine in thematic stands representing Germany, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Korea, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Madeira, India, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Mozambique, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Syria, Turkey and Vietnam.

21st Immigrant Party
When: June 5, 11 and 12, 2016
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Where: Rua Visconde de Parnaíba, 1.316, Mooca, São Paulo-SP
Tickets: BRL 6,00 (USD 1.69)
Information: +55 11 2692-1866 or

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani