Agribusiness exports reached USD 9 bn in August

13 de setembro de 2017

São Paulo – Brazilian agribusiness exports reached USD 9.04 billion in August, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) said this Wednesday (13). The amount exceeded by 18.5% exports registered by the sector in the same month of last year and accounted for 46.4% of total of foreign sales by Brazil last month.

The sector’s imports declined 3.9% in the same period, totaling USD 1.19 billion, resulting in an increase of 22.8% in the sector’s trade surplus in August, which was of USD 7.85 billion.

Soy (30.7% of the sector’s exports), meats (16.6%), sugar cane (12.6%), forest products (11.2%) and cereals, flours and preparations (9.6%) were the items with the greatest share in agriculture’s foreign sales in the month. Together, they accounted for 80.8% of the total of exports of Brazilian agribusiness in August, said the ministry.

The ministry highlighted the record-breaking volumes exported of soy beans, with 5.95 million tons and an increase of 55.9% over last year’s August, and of maize, up 105% in the same comparison and totaling 5.26 million tons in the month. The cereal also registered a record in revenues with USD 818.55 million, up 89.3%.

On the other hand, the highlights regarding imports in the month were wheat, paper, ethyl alcohol, apparel and other textile products of cotton, and wine.

Year-to-date, agribusiness exports totaled USD 65.43 billion, up 8.3% over the first eight months of last year. Imports increased 12.5%, jumping to USD 9.54 billion between January and August. The sector registered a surplus of USD 55.89 billion, according to the ministry.


One of the Arab markets to stand out regarding agribusiness exports in August was Egypt. According to MAPA, the African nation was the fourth-leading client of Brazilian products with USD 350.7 million, up 89.4% in comparison to the same month of last year. The country trailed only China, United States and the Netherlands in the sector’s ranking released by the ministry.

In addition to Egypt, others to appear in the list of the 20 largest markets of Brazilian products in August were the United Arab Emirates, at the 11th position with USD 192.05 million in imports and an increase of 36.5%; and Saudi Arabia at the 17th position with USD 163.6 million in imports and a decline of 12.6% in the period.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani