Bibliaspa seeking volunteers

18 de julho de 2016

The Arab, African and South American Library and Research Center is looking to hire personnel for positions including management, communication, cataloguing of art objects and language teaching.

São Paulo – The Arab, African and South American Library and Research Center (Bibliaspa) is seeking volunteers to work in different areas in its organization. The São Paulo-based center carries out myriad activities to promote the culture of Arab nations in Brazil, and it supports newly-arrived refugees.

Due to the large numbers of book donations, for instance, Bibliaspa needs to organize and catalog the material. It must also organize its art collection, including framed calligraphy pieces and objects from Arab countries.

Another opportunity is available for people who enjoy working in events. Since Bibliaspa is relatively understaffed, it requires the help of volunteers in order to hold exhibitions.

The center also needs help with management. It welcomes large numbers of refugees who come to take Portuguese lessons for non-Brazilian, and relies on volunteers to convey information to them.

As for communication, there is work to be done in Biliaspa’s website, which is available in Portuguese, Arabic, English, and Spanish. The center is seeking volunteers to translate content, post it on social media and update the site.

Portuguese teachers can also volunteer to teach refugees from various countries. People with skills in audiovisual work can help with the processing and editing of photos and videos of the events Bibliaspa takes part in. Human rights professionals are also welcome to provide guidance to refugees.

Bibliaspa reports that barring the human rights and language teaching positions, no formal training is required from volunteers.

Go to to apply. Bibliaspa will get in touch and schedule a conversation.

The organization provides a certificate to students who need to provide attestation of out-of-class activities.

Bibliaspa is located at Rua Baronesa de Itu, 639, Santa Cecília, São Paulo. For additional information call (55 11) 99609-3188.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum