Big 5 expo yields results for Brazilians

29 de novembro de 2017

São Paulo – The Brazilian companies that joined the Big 5 construction industry show set to end this Wednesday (5) in Dubai are coming back home with good prospective deals with Arab market players. Some of them are leaving with sales deals well underway, while others made contacts that could translate into doing business. The enterprises are members of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, which organized the stand they exhibited their goods at.

One of the companies, PPA, is about to close the sale of about 1,000 automatic gate motors to Iran. The Iranian buyer, which has an office in the UAE, discussed the deal at the Big 5 with PPA’ Flávio Sellani, who handles export deals. A sale of parking barrier gates to Saudi Arabia is also expected to go through.

Sellani was pleased with PPA’s first foray into the Big 5. He got in touch with some 50 people and believes his items attracted attention due to their being innovative and competitively priced. PPA motors will open a gate in four seconds, while average opening time in the Arab market is 16 seconds, according to Sellani. “It was great, we intend to come back next year,” he told ANBA, stressing that Arabs are very welcoming of Brazilians.

Scanmetal had its first stint at the Big 5 as well. It showcased civil construction equipment including wheelbarrows, templates, squares, worker safety items, batter boards and other finishing items.

According to Scanmetal’s Gérsio Fernandes, who represented Scanmetal at the Big 5, the company offers very well-built items that last longer than average. “The Arabs liked the idea of longer-lasting wheelbarrows,” he told ANBA. According to Fernandes, most of the prospective buyers were from the UAE, but he also spoke with people from Bahrain, Egypt, India and Saudi Arabia.

Tigre was another Brazilian company exhibiting at the Arab ‘s Big 5 stand. Its international sales manager Marcelo Minucci said the company’s most cutting-edge products were the ones that piqued the most interest, including its new tap valves. “They’re made of plastic, they’re extremely robust and have excellent finish,” said Minucci.

Tigre’s rain gutters and floor tiles, which are also made of plastic, were successful as well. Design played a key role in this. According to MInucci, plastic enables better finish than does metal. He will return to Brazil with lots of quotation requests, and this is exactly what he expected from the expo.

Arab Chamber business executive Rafael Solimeo, who’s assisting the Brazilians at the expo, gave a positive assessment of the event. He said the Arabs at the show were surprised with the goods on show at the stand, since they were unaware such products were made in Brazil – like gate automation motors and construction safety and material handling equipment.

“Even though the Arab Chamber has been coming to the Big 5 for several years now, we have managed to surprise people and bring in new items that had Arab entrepreneurs paying attention,” Solimeo told ANBA. He defined this Big 5 edition as one of discoveries, because the Brazilian executives, who were mostly expecting to do business in the UAE, learned that people in other Arab countries were interested in their product as well.

On Wednesday (28), Solimeo and the Brazilian executives visited a building materials outlet in Dubai, to see what the market looks like and how the competition place their products. In addition to Scanmetal, Tigre and PPA, Deca and Angelgress were also at the Big 5 – the latter of which only had its products on show.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum