Blogger shows how to mix fashion, makeup and the hijab

07 de junho de 2016

São Paulo – The fashion interest and the wish to show to other Muslim women how to bring together style and the Koran’s dress code inspired Mag Halat, a Brazilian born in São Paulo state and of Lebanese descent, to create Blog da Mag (Mag’s Blog). In it (, she offers fashion and makeup tips without putting the hijab, the Muslim veil, aside.

“I always liked to follow the Muslim bloggers from other countries. Then, I thought, why not a Brazilian Muslim blogger? I decided to create the blog and it’s working so far”, says Halat. According to her, the countries with the highest numbers of Muslims talking about fashion are England and the United States. “I also followed some bloggers from Kuwait”, she says.

A student of architecture, she says that it’s not easy to mix fashion with the need to dress modestly, as demanded by the Muslim’s sacred book. “It’s very hard. When you go looking for an outfit, sometimes you find a beautiful skirt, but then it has a huge slit or is transparent. It’s very hard to find a nice outfit you can wear it with the veil”, she says.

She believes that clothing manufacturers should pay more attention to the needs of consumers like her. “The brands could pay more attention to this group, which is not small”, warns the blogger. At 22 years old, Halat is looking for more discrete clothing, but without giving up style. “The more conservative clothes (on sale now in the stores) make us look older”, she points out.

The price of the pieces is another factor that she pays attention to when putting together the outfits. “The brands with more conservative clothes usually are more expensive, or you need to wear more clothes, such as putting on a long-sleeve
shirt under to block any transparency”, says Halat.

In her blog, she comments on clothes and makeup and also on the brands. Among those of her preference are popular low-budget brands such as Renner, Forever 21, C&A and Riachuelo. She also puts together outfits with more expensive brands, such as Zara, Le Lis Blanc and Prada. The blog is online for six months already, but Halat doesn’t receive the pieces from the brands she recommends; she buys everything. The veils are purchased abroad or in shops that sell jewelry and accessories.

The blog was created on January 1 of this year and its audience is increasing more and more. The makeup tutorials are about to hit 50,000 views. The latest video uploaded was seen by more than seven thousand people. Also, Halat has around seven thousand followers in Instagram and 3,500 subscribers in Youtube.

Among the women and girls that follow her work, Halat says that a lot of them are non-Muslim. “They want to know the culture. There are those that saw me on TV, became interested and want to know more”, she says, referring to her appearance in a TV Globo show last month.

Halat is the daugther of a Lebanese father and her family comes from the Bekka valley. She visited Lebanon twice and speaks Arabic. Asked about the main Arab fashion influence, not including the veil, she mentions the makeup. “I always like to wear eyeliner”, she says. Overall, Halat defines her style as being discreet. “I like light lipsticks, also because of the veil, it’s not cool to wear things that are too flashy”, she concludes.

For the women from abroad that want to visit the Blog da Mag, the website has a tool that allows them to translate the texts automatically to several languages, among them the Arabic, English and Spanish.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani