Brazilian company exports restored Kombis to Dubai

11 de julho de 2016

São Paulo – They were taking the Brazilian roads and sleeping in garages throughout the country simply as old, beaten Kombis, but at the hands of Rizzo Kombis, a company from São Paulo specializing in restoration of these old vans, they got a new paint job and look and, in some cases, even a new owner abroad. To Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Rizzo exported six vans this year, according to the company`s manager Leandro Rizzo.

Rizzo went into the business of restoring Volkswagen Type 2 Kombis because of an order by a German man. That was ten years ago and since the beginning the international market is a part of the company`s business. Among the countries that received a vehicle from the company are Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United States, Holland, Australia, UAE, among others. “We started with and order from Germany and never stopped doing business with Europe and other parts of the world”, says Leandro.

Rizzo`s specialty is to restore the Kombis so they are back as they originally were when they came out. “We do business with dealers, families that want to ride a vintage Kombi, companies that rent cars for brides or even entrepreneurs that want to advertise their business with a little more flair and creativity”, says Leandro.

The restored Kombis can also become food trucks. “Special projects such as a food truck can be requested after the purchase. That is, if they gather the courage to cut or expand the Kombi after the delivery”, says Leandro, showing his devotion to the car`s original format.

Many of the restoration jobs begin with a client arriving at the company with a picture or miniature of a Kombi, saying they wanted one just like that. “We fulfill that dream”, says Leandro. The clients, end consumers or Brazilian or foreign dealers, can contact the company through its advertisements in the internet, on Rizzo`s own website or at the company`s headquarters, where it keeps a showroom.

However, Rizzo needs to work through a lot to complete a sale. First, the company prospects the market after the best Kombis, including travelling the country. Later, it plans the restoration, concludes it and then sells the vehicle. There is also the option of restoring according to a client`s specific orders. The company does all the work, with no third parties involved.

Alexandre Rizzo, described as a great businessperson and passionate about cars, founded Rizzo. Initially, the business focused on used cars. However, the passion for old cars, especially Volkswagen Type 2 Kombis, was already there.

As soon as the company entered the restoration industry, after the request by that German man, the department expanded so much that the company stopped dealing with other vehicles. “We specialized exclusively in the little jewels”, says Leandro. The executive is Alexandre`s brother and came to work for the company a little more than a year ago. He always worked in the Information Technology sector and, just like Alexandre, he has always had a passion for cars.

Currently, Rizzo Kombis is located in the Freguesia do Ó district, in the northern part of the city of São Paulo. The company expanding. It`s about to open a new garage and plans to keep growing, including more exports. They are planning to spend advertising abroad and on the web. “We are always working with excellence and quality and, above all, honesty, so the growing can take place naturally”, says Leandro.

Rizzo Kombis
Phone: +55 (11) 3938-4364

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani