Brazilian cosmetics maker to have distributor in Dubai

20 de junho de 2016

São Paulo – ECosmetics International Salon, a professional hair products company out of Bahia, Brazil, is about to go international and chose to begin with the United Arab Emirates. It is currently working on opening a distribution center in the country and hopes to do so before the year is over.

“We have been on the domestic market for 15 years, and we are ready to explore foreign markets. The company is ready to export. We want to increase brand awareness,” says ECosmetics owner Edson José Borgo.

The brand has a catalog of 300 products, all intended for hairdressers. “We have a new line out every three months,” he says. ECosmetics’ flagship products are hair dyes, straighteners and curlers.

The company’s road to internationalization sets it apart from most Brazilian businesses, which will often go for Latin American countries first when it comes to exportation. ECosmetics chose to begin with the Arab world.

In seeking space abroad, the company canvassed regions where hair cosmetics makers were few. “In the Arab countries, there aren’t that many manufacturers,” Borgo asserts.

The next step for ECosmetics was restructuring its production process. “We adapted our manufacturing in order to comply with international regulations. That entailed adapting our labels, which are now available in English, Spanish, and Arabic,” he explains.

Last month, the company went to Beautyworld Middle East – the region’s premier beauty industry event, held annually in the UAE – for the first time. “We had 98 different queries made. At Hair Brasil, there are never more than 20. It exceeded our expectations,” says Borgo, comparing the industry events in Dubai and São Paulo.

While at Beautyworld, the business owner got in touch with Dubai government officials and got a proposal to open a distribution center. “We are working on that. They are offering us a grant so we can go a few months without paying rent, so that we can generate jobs and income,” he says.

Since attending Beautyworld, Borgo has been in touch with buyers in the UAE, Egypt, Oman and Iran. “We are in talks with distributors,” he reveals, adding that his company plans to export as much as 30% of production.

At this time, ECosmetics makes six tons’ worth of product a day, but its full capacity is for 24 tons a day. Borgo says the company is hoping to see revenue increase by up to 25% this year from 2015.

ECosmetics is based in Teixeira de Freitas, Bahia and has an 80-people staff.

Phone: +55 73 3011-0900

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum