Brazilian June celebrations in Beirut

24 de junho de 2016

São Paulo – This Saturday (25), the Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center in Beirut will hold one of the most popular celebrations of Brazilian folklore: June celebration (called Festa Junina). Those going to the party will taste typical Brazilian snacks and desserts that are usually served at Saint John’s parties: fried chicken dumpling (coxinha) and egg yolk-based flan (quindim) are some of the delicacies to be served at the event, which will also have activities for kids. The organization is a branch of the Brazilian embassy in the Lebanese capital.

According to Najua Bazzi, director of the cultural center, there will be three food stands: snacks, desserts and beverages. The place will be decorated exactly like all Brazilian June celebrations: with little flags. All the delicacies will be prepared by three Brazilian families living in the Arab country.

Two supervisors, also Brazilians living in Lebanon, will come up with plays and games for the kids. Besides the entertainment for the kids, everybody is invited to join the typical dance quadrilha.

“We usually hold more well-known events, such as Carnival, but also organize events such as festa junina, which is highly representative of our culture”, said Najua. She pointed out that parties such as this one are very important to the Brazilians living in the Arab country. “The relation between both countries is historical and Brazil is the top country when it comes to the Lebanese diaspora (Lebanese that left their homeland to live elsewhere) and there are a lot of Brazilians living here. There is a strong integration”, she said.

According to the director, she expects around 200 to 250 people to attend. The party was held in the last five years and is being announced via social networks and even radio stations. “The Lebanese come and really participate. They are very interested in getting to know the music, in learning to dance quadrilha, in participating, bringing their families”, said Najua. Admission is free but the food will be for sale.

Quick facts
June Celebrations (Festa junina)
Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center (Centre Culturel Brésil-Liban)
Saturday (25), starting at 4 pm
Mar Mitr street, Trad building, Achrafieh, Beirute, Líbano
Admission free – valet service

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani