Brazilian owns dance school in Dubai

22 de outubro de 2017

Milla de Albuquerque has been living in the UAE for 14 years and opened the Le Café de la Danse three years ago. The school has students from many countries and offers over 10 types of dance styles.

São Paulo – It was 2003 when Brazilian Milla de Albuquerque moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to work as a belly dancer, invited by a five-star hotel. In 2010, the professional dancer opened an entertainment company, which manages the career of dancers to many events, and opened the school Le Café de la Danse in 2014, which was to her a natural extension of the company.

The school dance is attended by children and adults from many nationalities and offers classes of ballet, jazz, salsa, tango, capoeira, pole dance, circus, twerk, belly dance, among other styles of dance.

Albuquerque says that the most-sought classes are of pole dance and belly dance. “Arabs love to dance,” she says. “Women love belly dance, and many Arab men dance salsa and go to Latin nights.”

Born in Salvador, Bahia, she points out the differences between the Brazilian and Arab dancing culture. “They are totally different, the music, the movements and the dance energy; Brazilian dances are very joyous, and the Arabs, more mysterious.”

At 42 years old, the business owner says she has a very demanding routine between classes, dance shows and private life, and remarks the day to day in Dubai. “The day here doesn’t seem to end, they are night people because of the heat,” she says. “While in Brazil the stores close around 8 pm, here retail is just opening,” she said.

Milla visits Brazil once a year and says she misses Brazilian food, despite the diversity of flavors in Dubai. “Here we find even açaí berry, but in the day to day, the food is very international.”

Even with great cultural difference, the Brazilian says she easily adapted to the Arab country, which is her home for 14 years, and that she even learned to speak a little of the local language. “I love Dubai, I think it’s the best place in the world to live,” she said. “It’s a safe city and has everything, beaches, desert, restaurants and people from the whole world, plus a very open and friendly local community,” she added.

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 *Translated by Sérgio Kakitani