Brazilian public debt is down 3%

27 de maio de 2016

Brasília – Brazil’s Federal Public Debt shrank 3.01% in nominal terms in April from March, from BRL 2.886 trillion to BRL 2.799 trillion. The numbers include the internal and external debts and were released this Friday (27th) by the National Treasury. It was the first month-on-month drop since January.

The National Treasury’s general coordinator for Public Debt Operations Leandro Secunho said the drop is due to a high number of fixed-rate securities maturing in the month, which was already expected.

Dívida Pública Mobiliária Federal interna - DPFMi, the federal internal debt or outstanding securities, dropped 3.03% from BRL 2.753 trillion to BRL 2.670 trillion.

Dívida Pública Federal Externa (DPFe), the external debt, was down 2.7% to BRL 129.60 billion, or USD 37.95 billion. Out of that amount, BRL 117.71 billion (USD 34.47 billion) concerns securities, and BRL 11.89 billion (USD 3.48 billion) consists of contract-related debt.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum