Brazil’s fertilizer imports from Arab world up 70%

20 de maio de 2016

São Paulo – Brazil imported 1.14 million tons of fertilizers from Arab countries from January through April of this year, up from 675,000 tons in Jan-Apr 2015, a 69% increase as per numbers from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services.

In April alone, Brazilian fertilizer imports from Arab countries soared 70% from April 2015, from 215,500 tons to 364,400 tons.

On the other hand, total fertilizer imports in Brazil dropped 6.4% in April from a year ago, according to the National Fertilizer Association (Anda), from 1.57 million tons in April 2015 to 1.47 million tons in April 2016.

In Jan-Apr, total imports increased by 3.5% from 5.46 million tons to 5.65 million tons.

Domestic fertilizer production in Brazil falls short of the demand from national agriculture. Production stood at 655,600 tons in April, with demand at 1.5 million tons – more than twice that amount. Domestic output was down 6.4% from April of last year and consumption was up 13.7%.

Year-to-date, production reached 2.7 million tons and consumption stood at 7.5 million tons, with a 6.9% drop in output and an 8.2% increase in consumption, according to figures supplied by Anda.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum