Brazil’s trade surplus reaches USD 62 billion

01 de dezembro de 2017

Brasilia – In a month traditionally marked by low foreign sales, Brazil’s trade surplus narrowed in November. Last month, the country exported USD 3.54 billion more than it imported, reported this Friday (1) the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC). The surplus is lower than the USD 4.75 billion surplus registered in November of last year.

Despite the move back, the trade balance reached an unprecedented mark. In the year’s first eleven months, exports surpassed imports in USD 62 billion. This is the best result for the period since the beginning of the historical series in 1989. From January to November of last year, the trade surplus stood at USD 43.26 billion.

The surplus until November exceeds the surplus of all 2016: USD 47.7 billion, up until then the best result of the historical series. According to the MDIC, the expectation is for Brazil to end 2017 with a trade surplus between USD 65 billion and USD 70 billion.

In November, Brazil exported USD 16.68 billion, up 2.9% over the same month of last year based on daily average. The increase is the result, mainly, of the appreciation of commodities in the international market. The economy’s recovery, however, drove imports to climb at a higher pace. Last month, the country purchased USD 13.14 billion from abroad, up 14.7% in the same comparison.

Regarding exports, sales of basic goods climbed 26.5% over November of last year. Sales of semi-finished products went up 3.1%. However, exports of finished products tumbled 14.2% in the same comparison. The increase in imports was driven by fuels and lubricants (+69.2%), consumer goods (+20%), capital goods, up 10.8% and intermediate goods (+6.7%).

From January to November, the country exported USD 200.15 billion, up 18.2% over last year’s first 11 months based on daily average. Imports, in turn, totaled USD 138.14 billion, up 9.6% over the same period of 2016, also by daily average.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani