Campaign spreads knowledge about oud

27 de setembro de 2017

São Paulo – Oriental perfume shop Al Zahra is holding a campaign to spread knowledge about oud, the valuable essence that best represents Arab perfumery. Lectures are being made in several cities throughout Brazil, in tandem with the launch of an oud-based perfume collection called Meu Primeiro Oud (My First Oud).

 The campaign kicked off with two presentations in Brasília this month. Another one will be held on Thursday (28) in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo. This year will also see lectures in the namesake São Paulo state capital, São José dos Campos, also in the state, and in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. Plans also include selling to Argentina, as well as raising awareness about oud there.

The lectures are given by Al Zahra’s founder and owner, the perfume maker Julia de Biase. She explains that the goal is to share information about the essence so Brazilians can gain an understanding of oud, which is the basis of Arab perfume-making. The entrepreneur was the first to import perfume from Arab countries to Brazil, so building a clientele meant telling buyers about Arab essences.

Oud is extracted from a rare noble wood found in Cambodia, Malaysia and southern India. The tree must be at least 40 years old in order for the oil to be extracted. A fungus causes oud, a scented resin, to form within the tree. The older the tree and more mature the resin the better.

Biase explains that pure oud is more expensive than gold. “It’s the perfume of the sheikhs and the queens,” she says. Besides only being available in a few places, oud is manually extracted. Special care is also required in transportation and distillation. “I need to get people to understand a bit of the history of this perfume,” says Biase.

The Meu Primeiro Oud collection comprises ten perfumes, including imported brands from Bahrain and Dubai and Al Zahra’s own. Biase explains that she only carries perfumes made with natural oud, whereas some international brands utilize synthetic product. Al Zahra’s two stores are located in São Paulo – one in the Jardins neighborhood and the other in the Holiday Inn hotel.

The lecture on oud in Vila Velha will take place in one of the outlets of Fragrance Import, in mall Shopping Praia da Costa at 4 pm. It will be part of the mall’s Temporada Moda + Design 2017 program (2017 Fashion + Design Season), whose theme is Ser para Ser (which translates as To Be In Order To Be). The program is meant to encourage people to be the best version of themselves with style and attitude. Registration is required to attend the lecture and seats are limited.

Quick facts:
Lecture - My First Oud
Thursday, September 28, 2017
4 pm
Fragrance Import store
Shopping Praia da Costa – Vila Velha – ES
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*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum