Clothing brand collection photographed in Egypt

15 de outubro de 2017

São Paulo – The photographs for the summer collection by women’s clothing brand Marisa Ribeiro Tricot were taken in landmark sites across Egypt. Gowns, dresses, pants, blouses, shirts and light skirts are featured in snapshots at sites including the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the city of Luxor, the Nile River, the Temple of Edfu and the Nubian Village.

Marisa Ribeiro Tricot has a manufacturing plant in São Paulo and makes items using natural and special yarns, especially Egyptian cotton. The choice of taking the pictures in Egypt came as owner Marisa Ribeiro set out for an exotic scenery with boats. “Egypt had all these characteristics,” Marisa told ANBA via email.

Marisa Ribeiro Tricot devises her catalogs with her buyers in mind – they’re women who pick travel destinations that are exotic and interesting. “The idea is that of an interesting, curious, aventurous, sophisticated woman who wears clothing by Marisa Ribeiro on her travels, and we’re out there taking pictures like we were tourists!”, she says.

The photos were made in Egypt last June by Marisa herself, who has done work as a photographer and a producer in the past. The art directing is by Sérgio Machado. Marisa holds degrees in Fine Arts and Visual Communication. Before joining the clothing industry, she worked in architecture, photography, art and visual communication.

The catalog was given out to shops and individual buyers, and the collection is already available from points of sale. “My customers loved these catalogs,” says Marisa. According to her, the brand ends up inspiring people to travel to the places that are pictured. The entrepreneur explains that she had travelled to Egypt with her family a few years back.

A small business

Marisa Ribeiro Tricot is a small-sized company with an output of 25,000 to 30,000 items per year. Apart from its São Paulo plant, it owns four stores in the city’s Jardins and Pinheiros neighborhoods and in malls Morumbi and Iguatemi. Besides selling at own stores, the company distributes wholesale throughout Brazil. “In 2018, we’ll start selling in Europe,” she asserts.

Although the flagship is Egyptian cotton knit pieces, the company also makes 100% cashmere winter items. The catalog also includes trousers, dresses, shirts and T-shirts made from natural fibers such as linen, silk and 100% cotton fabric.

Quick facts
Marisa Ribeiro Tricot
Phone: +55 (11) 5533 6230

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum