CNI seeks investments in the UAE

17 de outubro de 2017

Brasília – The president of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), Robson Braga de Andrade, said during the 1st Meeting Brazil-United Arab Emirates this Tuesday (17), in Abu Dhabi, that it’s a favorable moment for investments by the Arabs in the Brazilian industrial sector. “The inflation and Brazilian interest rates are in a downturn, creating an opportune environment for new investments, especially in the production and commercialization of goods and services.”

In the seminar, organized in partnership with Brazil’s embassy in the UAE, opportunities for bilateral businesses were presented, and an overview of the current economic scenario was drawn. CNI endorses an international agenda for the industry, which includes the improvement in Brazil’s business environment, the support of agreements to avoid double taxation and to facilitate the increase of investments in the country. “The investors here today, as well as the governments of both countries, can rely on CNI’s support to negotiate and conclude these essential agreements to our bilateral relations, “said Andrade.

CNI’s Industrial Development director Carlos Abijaodi said Arab entrepreneurs are not yet aware of Brazil’s potential as an investment target. “We’ve had very prominent people representing the United Arab Emirates here. These are business owners who are truly eager to learn more about Brazil, which is still unknown to them,” Abijaodi said. “We really need to get out of Brazil and to convey the message that the country has potential. It offers the conditions for good investment, with opportunities for small and big investment projects alike, including concessions and privatizations.”

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce director for international offices Omar Khan said the meeting is conducive to one-on-one contact between entrepreneurs from both countries, which in turn helps improve the business environment. “The meeting was a great start, and we need to keep working to build closer ties between Brazil and the United Arab Emirates,” he said. 

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani & Gabriel Pomerancblum