Companies pushing to open markets during Big 5

27 de novembro de 2017

São Paulo – Brazilian companies that are taking part in Big 5, the construction sector’s expo that began this Sunday (26) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are making promising contacts for businesses in the Arab market. The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has a stand in the expo, in which five member companies are represented.

PPA, which manufactures automation systems (engines) for gates, sees the expo as an effort to enter the Arab countries. The company exports to the United States and South and Central American countries, but has not yet entered the Middle East and North Africa markets. “We’re at Big 5 to kickstart the trade with the Arab countries,” said, by phone to ANBA, from Dubai, Flávio Sellani, the person responsible for the company’s exports.

Big 5 is in its second day and Sellani says that the expo is being very good to PPA. The company has made contacts with importers from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Oman and the UAE, plus other non-Arab countries such as Pakistan and Australia. According to Sellani, visitors liked the price and design of PPA’s products.

Sellani believes that deals will take place in the future, since importers showed to be very interested in the company’s products. To the executive, the region is fully developing and that helps PPA. “Civil construction is very much linked to our product,” he says.

Another Brazilian company taking part in Big 5 with the Arab Chamber is Tigre, the well-known manufacturer of pipes, connections and hydraulic material in Brazil. The company has a strong and long-standing presence in Algeria, an Arab country in North Africa, but hasn’t been exporting to the other Arab countries. The participation in Big 5 was an investment for the company to enter the Middle East.

Tigre’s international sales manager, Marcelo Minucci, mentions that the company has a very large portfolio with very high-quality products. “We thought that it was a good opportunity to show the product,” said Minucci to ANBA on the expo. The company’s most sought products in the expo are those related to drainage, such as floor rails, sanitary complements, such as syphons and flexible attachments, and the plastic taps line.

Minucci put the products on display in the stand and they are attracting the attention of visitors at Big 5, and the manager is relaying to importers information about the company, so they can get to know the company and its size and start from there a trusting relationship. In Brazil and Algeria, Tigre is very well-known. The contacts made by the company in the expo are mainly with importers from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman.

 More from Brazil

In addition to the exhibiting companies, Big 5 also had the presence of other Brazilians. A group of 36 architects and engineers from the state of Rio Grande do Sul’s cities of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa visited the fair this Monday and went to the Arab Chamber’s stand.

Engineer Rafael De Toni, the owner of construction company De Toni, said the trip was organized by themselves. According to him, the group is in Dubai to get to know the market’s latest trends. “The world mirrors the works of Dubai,” said Toni to ANBA, excited with the technology and materials seen up until now. In addition to visiting Big 5, the group will visit a construction work in Dubai.

Busy sector

The Arab Chamber’s Business executive, Rafael Solimeo, is at Big 5 and says that the region holds large construction projects and events, which heats up the sector. He says that these large events encouraged the participation of Brazilian companies. “The UAE is a large building site, and Saudi Arabia is betting on a future free trade zone, and all these opportunities are bringing Brazilians here,” said Solimeo to ANBA.

The executive also points out the level of the Brazilian companies attending Big 5. “We’re very pleased in taking part of this edition of the expo with large Brazilian companies, companies with strong brands and in which Brazilians trust,” he said, mentioning that they come from different segments of the construction sector.

In addition to Tigre and PPA, also exhibiting at the expo are Deca, manufacturer of ceramics and sanitary ware, Angelgress, manufacturer of ceramics, and Scanmetal, of construction work equipment. Big 5 runs until Wednesday (29).

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani<>/b>