Consul wants to show opportunities in the UAE

14 de novembro de 2017

São Paulo – The new general consul of the United Arab Emirates in São Paulo, Ibrahim Salem Alalawi, wants to present the business opportunities to Brazilian companies in his country. This is one of his goals as head of the consulate, post that took over in September of this year. Alalawi talked about the topic in an interview to ANBA during a visit to the headquarters of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, where he was welcomed by the organization’s president, Rubens Hannun.

The consul is planning to hold a workshop in São Paulo in December, to inform Brazilian entrepreneurs on the opportunities in the UAE. The idea is to present the country’s logistics and location potential, the local investment laws, the facilitations that the ports, airports and free trade zones infrastructure offers, plus the agility to invest.

Alalawi points out that there already are initiatives in place that have been helping to present the Arab country to Brazilians, such as the direct flights to Dubai from Emirates Airlines, and the presence of Dubai Ports and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil.

The general consul said that the mission that the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) made to Brazil in October was also an action for this purpose. DEWA organized a seminar in São Paulo and held meetings to present to Brazilian companies its projects in the sustainable development sector.

The consul believes that Brazilian companies could be interested and have advantages when investing in the UAE in sectors such as food products, technology, transportation, logistics and renewable energy. Alalawi reminds that from the UAE it’s easier to sell to Africa and Asia countries and that the country is considered to be an exports hub.

Currently 36 years old, Alalawi worked at the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs – in the Protocol Department –, and in UAE embassies in countries such as Uganda and Montenegro.

Before moving to São Paulo, the consul says that he didn’t know much about Brazil and Latin America. “But Brazil is a great country, with economic potential, a very friendly people,” he said, adding that this is a reason for him to work hard for cooperation.

Alalawi believes also in the possibility of more investments in the other way around, from the UAE to Brazil. Now he is well aware of the local economic strength. “Brazil is an agricultural country, a tourist destination, a country of history and culture, a sports country,” he said, pointing out Brazilian world leadership in sectors such as sugar, meats and soy.

The consul says that Brazil is a country that have it all and sees a similarity between the UAE and Brazil in this regard, especially in the fact that both have a strong international presence. “Both work for the improvement of its population and both also pay much attention to the improvement of the foodstuff industry, in terms of production and trade,” he says.

The consul believes that Brazil and the UAE relations are excellent and that they have been improving. He says that this can be seen through the constant exchange of missions between both countries.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani