Debating the book One Thousand and One Nights

25 de maio de 2016

The experience of the author as a reader and his influence in the work are topics of the June 17 meeting in Ribeirão Preto. Mamede Jarouche, translator, will be one of the speakers.

São Paulo – The book One Thousand and One Nights will be the topic of a lecture within the schedule of the book fair 16th Feira Nacional do Livro de Ribeirão Preto, 316 km from São Paulo. Mamede Jarouche, translator of the book from the Arabic to the Portuguese, will be one of the speakers. The topic of the debate, which was organized by Sesc (Social Service of Commerce) Ribeirão Preto and to be held at Theatro Pedro II, is the experience of the author as reader.

A professor of Eastern Languages at the Philosophy, Language and Human Sciences Department at São Paulo University (USP), Jarouche translated the four volumes of the book, concluding it in 2012. The book tells the story of a king that founds out that he is being betrayed by his wife. He orders her to be killed and decides that each night he will marry a woman, only to kill them the next day. To avoid the same fate of the others, Scheherazade tells a story to the king but never reaching the end, leaving it to the other day. Thus, she keeps postponing her death.

The event with Jarouche in Ribeirão Preto, called “The Author as Reader”, will also have the participation of Marcelino Freire, author of several fiction books, among them “Nossos Ossos” (Our Bones), published by Record. With this work, Freire, born in Pernambuco, won the Best Novel award by Biblioteca Nacional (National Library) in 2014.

The debate will center on the fact that the author, being a writer or a translator, never ceases to be a reader. Thus, before striking a relationship with his potential readers, the author always contemplates the relation he has with the writers he admires and this reflects in his work. Freire will speak on, for instance, the emotional and literary influences he received from poet Manuel Bandeira.

The lecture is for free but those interested need to pick up the tickets an hour before the event at Theatro Pedro II, where the event will be held. Besides this event, Sesc will organize other cultural activities as part of the 16th Feira Nacional do Livro de Ribeirão Preto, which will be held in the city from June 12 to 19.

Debate “O Autor como Leitor” (The Author as Reader)
With Mamede Jarouche and Marcelino Freire
June 17, 2016, at 6:30 pm
Theatro Pedro II, Rua Álvares Cabral, 370 – Ribeirão Preto – SP
Free admission (tickets have to be picked up one hour before the event)

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani