Digital technology underused by industry

30 de maio de 2016

Brasília – Brazil’s National Federation of Industry (CNI) reported this Monday (30th) that it has completed its first nationwide survey on the adoption of digital technologies associated with the age of advanced manufacturing, the so-called industry 4.0. The term describes the new production logic whereby different stages of the value chain have become digitally integrated, from development to usage, and involves the creation of new business models, products and related services. The survey covered 2,225 businesses of all sizes and was conducted from January 4th to 13th, 2016.

According to the CNI, most of the efforts in this front in Brazil relate to industrial processes: 73% of the companies polled claimed to use at least one digital technology do so in this stage of production. Another 47% employ digital tools in the development stage of the production chain, and only 33% in new products and business.

The survey also shows that Brazilian industry works on processes optimization first, and only then does it seek applications involving development, products and new business models. According to CNI’s Research and Competitiveness manager Renato da Fonseca, considering that the Brazilian industry needs to compete on a global level and that it’s lagging behind, stage-skipping is a must. He believes digitalization efforts must be made in different areas concurrently.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum