Dollar outflows surpass inflows

06 de julho de 2016

Brasília – In June, Brazil`s dollar outflows overcame inflows in USD 3.560 billion, according to data from the Brazilian Central Bank (BC) released this Wednesday (6). In the same month of last year, there was a deficit of USD 4.694 billion.

Last month, financial flows (investments in bonds, profit and dividends remittances and foreign direct investments, among other operations) were responsible for the USD 7.492 billion deficit. Meanwhile, commercial flows (import and export-related foreign exchange operations) registered a surplus of USD 3.932 billion.

From January to July 1, dollar inflows versus outflows registered a deficit of USD 10.841 billion, against USD 10.443 billion in the period with the same number of business days in 2015. Commercial flows had a surplus of USD 25.624 billion, while financial flows registered a deficit of USD 36.465 billion.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani