Dumond to open Dubai store with new visual concept

05 de julho de 2016

São Paulo – Brazil’s footwear manufacturer Dumond is opening a store in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this month featuring a new concept. The architectural plan was designed by Kawahara Takano Soluções para o Varejo (KT Retailing) and will be applied to all other outlets in Brazil and worldwide. The pilot store opened in Brazil last year at Shopping Bourbon mall in São Paulo.

The Dubai unit will be an 80 sqm facility in The Dubai Mall; the sales area will span 62 meters, with 18 meters’ worth of storage space. The plan is intended to increase the variety of products on display and enhance market perception, as well as create a lifestyle-oriented shopping experience by separating products in Party, Work, Weekend and Event sections.

“From the get-go, our intention was to enhance the brand’s image through modern, minimalistic architecture. We relied heavily on a modular, flexible concept, enabling the store to be easily replicated anywhere,” KT Retailing president Julio Takano told ANBA by email. Practicality was another priority, with a shelf attachment system that enables flexible visual merchandising.

Products are placed at different heights so the customer’s eyes are allowed to move. Right at the entrance, acrylic pendant lights hang above the tables and wood panels. The lighting is both ambient and accent. Takano explains that the concept underwent a few adaptations in Dubai, such as a higher ceiling, more glass on the façade, and an Arabic logo, all of which are requirements of the mall’s.

“Designing a store for one of the world’s biggest malls is a big responsibility, but we are confident when it comes to representing and translating the DNA of the new concept of the Dumond brand,” Takano said, adding that KT Retailing made a bet on project flexibility and lighting to set itself apart from its myriad competitors. The Dubai Mall is considered the world’s largest mall by total area.

According to material released by KT Retailing’s press office, color-wise, the shop combines colors and lightweight materials such as solid carbon steel sheets and beams, to achieve the smallest possible pieces of furniture. According to KT Retailing, they were designed to highlight and enhance perceived product value.

KT Retailing has been on the market for 24 years and has designed over 8.5 million sqm worth of space, as well as 500 different store concepts. Its primary line of work is strategic brand repositioning. Former clients in Brazil include Pernambucanas, Hering, O Boticário etc. KT Retailing also designs stores in other countries. The company’s stated niche is business architecture and store design concepts.

Dumond is a women’s shoe brand owned by the Paquetá conglomerate, with several stores in Arab countries. A footwear industry poll released this year by the consulting firm Glasgow shows Dumond is one of the best-known Brazilian brands in the United Arab Emirates.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum