Egyptians enter engineering contest in Brazil

14 de outubro de 2017

São Paulo – An Egyptian team will compete in a contest for engineering students in Brazil next December. Pupils from the Higher Technological Institute (HTI) will take part in the 14th Fórmula SAE Brasil formula-type race car design competition from December 1 to 3 in Piracicaba, São Paulo.

The contest includes combustion and electric categories. Egypt’s team will compete in the former, which has 50 groups total. Fifteen teams have entered the contest in the electric car design category. “It was a pleasant surprise for us to have an Egyptian team enter,” the contest’s director Renato Murakami told ANBA.

In addition to Brazilian teams, there are entrants from Argentina and Colombia. The contest has no qualifying stage. Entrants must submit documents, including safety reports, for approval from the SAE team. Murakami explains that slots are still available for new entrants.

Formula-type race cars are single-seater, open-wheeled vehicles that are as small as possible. According to Murakami, the designs in the contest do not fit into any single racing category – they straddle the line between Kart racing, Formula Ford, and Formula One.

The finished cars undergo several tests, and a panel of engineer judges assess everything from technical design to commercial viability. The first day includes static and safety testing such as braking, noise, rolling and design. The designs are presented, along with their costs and business potential.

On the second day, the designs are discussed orally and some dynamic tests are made, including acceleration and cone slalom. Performance in the latter will determine the grid on the final day’s 22-lap enduro race.

The winner of the combustion-engine category will compete in Formula SAE Michigan, the world championship in the United States next May. The winning electric car design and the second-best combustion-engine car design will compete in Formula SAE Lincoln, in Nebraska, USA, in June 2018.

SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers, a US-based, worldwide organization whose job it is to set industry standards.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum