External accounts register deficit of USD 3 billion

26 de setembro de 2017

Brasília – Brazil’s external accounts ended August with a deficit. The current account deficit, the purchases and sales of goods and services and income transfers between Brazil and the rest of the world, was of USD 302 million, reported the Brazilian Central Bank (BC) this Tuesday (26). In the same month of 2016, the deficit was of USD 648 million. From January to August, the deficit stood at USD 3.013 billion, much smaller than in the same period of 2016: USD 13.086 billion.

Last month, trade helped reduce the deficit when posting a surplus of USD 5.324 billion. On the other hand, the services account (international travelling, transportation, equipment rents, insurance, among others) had a deficit of USD 2.897 billion. The primary income account (profits and dividends, interest rates payment and wages) registered a deficit of USD 2.870 billion. The secondary income account (income generated in an economy and distributed to other, such as dollar donations and remittances, without compensation of services or goods) had a surplus of USD 141 million.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani