First Lebanese film nominated for the Oscars opens on February 8

02 de fevereiro de 2018

São Paulo – The movie “The Insult” (2017, 113 minutes) is the first ever Lebanese production nominated for an Oscar. The feature film is competing at the Best Foreign Language Film. It’s a Lebanese, French, Cypriot and Belgian co-production.

The drama, distributed by Imovision, has already been in exhibition in premiere screenings in the main Brazilian capitals, and will open officially on February 8. In São Paulo, the movie is being shown at Caixa Belas Artes and Reserva Cultural.

Written and directed by Ziad Doueiri, “The Insult” tells the story of Tony, a Lebanese Christian, and Yasser, a Palestinian refugee living in Beirut. The conflict between the two starts inadvertently, when Tony is watering the plants on his balcony and ends up spraying Yasser, who is passing by below.

An explosive insult takes them both to court and the disagreement reaches national proportions, with a media circus that divides the country, permeated by the current political and religious scenario in the region, and results in a strong social crisis, taking the characters to reconsider their prejudices.

According to Luan Oldenbrock, Imovision’s Marketing manager, “The Insult” was threatened with a boycott in Lebanon and Palestine, and was at risk of not being nominated to the Academy Awards due to scenes being shot in Israel, which, according to them, is a crime in Lebanon, but thanks to the public support the work came through.

In the cast are Adel Karam (Tony) and Kamel El Basha (Yasser). Basha won the Best Actor award of the Venice Film Festival last year.

This is Doueiri’s third film as a director, following the award-winning “West Beirut” (1998) and “The Attack” (2012).

Another Arab movie nominated for the Oscars this year is “Last Men in Aleppo” (2017, 104 minutes), a documentary by Syrian director Firas Fayyad, which portrays the work of the group of volunteer rescue workers The White Helmets. This is also Syria’s first nomination to an Oscar, in this case in the Best Documentary Feature. The film opened on March 2017.

Quick info
“The Insult” (2017, 113 minutes)
Opens on February 8
Writing and Direction by Ziad Doueiri
Being shown in premiere screenings in the main Brazilian capitals
In São Paulo, screening on Friday (2) at Caixa Belas Artes, at 10:50 pm
On Saturday (3), screenings at Caixa Belas Artes, at 10:50 pm, and Reserva Cultural, at 1 pm and 11:55 pm
Information and tickets at: and

Watch below the trailer for “The Insult”.