Foreign tourists: 95% plan to return to Brazil

21 de julho de 2016

São Paulo – A poll released this Wednesday (20) by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism shows that 95.5% of foreign tourists who visited the country in 2015 intend to come back. Last year, 6.3 million foreigners travelled to Brazil.

According to the ministry, 86.5% of respondents said their trips either matched or exceeded their own expectations. Hospitality, cuisine, lodging, and restaurants were named as highlights.

The poll also shows that 51.3% of tourists came to the country for leisure, 20.2% came to attend events or do business, and 28.5% came to visit friends or relatives or to engage in educational, health-related or religious activities. Sun and beach, ecotourism, and culture were listed as key factors in choosing Brazil as a leisure destination.

Argentinians were the most numerous among tourists visiting Brazil in 2015, followed by Americans, Chileans, Paraguayans, and Uruguayans. Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo were the leading destinations.

The poll involved 35,133 foreign tourists at 16 international airports and ten border points.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum