Frutamil’s fruit pulp is available in the Arab market

06 de junho de 2016

São Paulo – The manufacturer of fruit pulp Frutamil, based in the city of São Paulo, already had its products consumed in the Arab world and sees the region as a large market for juice yet to be explored. The company produces 32 types of juice and exported last year to the United Arab Emirates through the brand of one of its clients in Brazil, Juice in Time, to which it supplies pulp.

“There is a very large potential market”, says Frutamil’s founding partner, José Roberto about the Arabs, pointing out that consumption of alcoholic beverages is practically nonexistent in the region and, therefore, juice has more of the share. “There is a certain potential for natural products”, he says. However, he brings up that fruit pulp consumption is not widespread in the Arab world and that the population either drinks juices that are pre-made or made from fresh fruit.

Even with only one batch exported to the UAE, Frutamil sells regularly to other markets abroad. Currently, it has clients in England, Switzerland, Holland, Poland and Japan. Sales to foreign markets started 15 years ago and the majority of them were achieved by the initiative of importers. The company had done few prospecting actions in the international market up to now and one of them was the participation, along the Brazilian government, in Foodex, Japan’s fair of the foodstuff and beverage industry.

Exports account for nearly 10% of the output of the city of São Paulo company. In all, around 120 to 150 tons of fruit pulp are produced per month. The varieties produced go from more traditional ones such as mango, passion fruit, guava, acerola, papaya, melon, to more sophisticated ones such as raspberry and blueberry, also including exotic fruit such as mangaba, umbu, seriguela and cupuaçu, among others. Frutamil also produces pulp of açaí berry, which can be used for the production of cream or juice.

The company produces its pulp from fresh fruits, bought in the regions where the manufacturing plants are located, and also from processed fruit, in case the producing city is far away, in Brazil’s North or South regions. Frutamil’s administrative and logistics headquarters is located in the city of São Paulo, together with the plant that produces the açaí berry products. There is also a plant in the city of Pratânia, 270 km from São Paulo, for the other types of pulp. There are 32 employees working at the plants.

Frutamil was founded from the experience of its founding partner in selling juice. With the opening of a juice shop in the coast of São Paulo state in the 1980s, he noticed that great losses of fresh fruit occurred when the number of clients was below the average, normally due to bad weather. He even opened another juice shop, in the Mooca neighborhood in São Paulo, some years later.

In 1990, he decided to open Frutamil, convinced that juice made from frozen pulp would bring a lot of benefits to juice shops, among them the possibility of having a wide variety of fruit juices throughout the year and not only during the specific season, the fact that there’s no need to use ice, since the pulp already comes frozen, and the end of losses of fresh fruit.

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*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani