Immigrants to teach Bibliaspa winter courses

17 de junho de 2016

São Paulo – The Library and Research Center of South America-Arab Countries (Bibliaspa) is accepting enrolments for a winter program featuring language and culture lessons taught by refugees. From July 2 to 30, it will offer intensive classes in Arabic language and culture, as well as French, English, and Spanish. All of the teachers will be native speakers currently living in Brazil under refugee status. The course will be taught in the Bibliaspa headquarters in São Paulo.

There will be four lessons each week, all of them combining language and culture. Pupils can choose any of the following combinations: Arabic language and culture; French language and Arab culture; English language and Arab culture; French language and African culture; French language and Haitian culture; Spanish language and South American culture.

Bibliaspa informed that the classes will include lecturing, aids such as films and music, and discussions of aspects of Arab culture, as well as other activities.

Bibliaspa is a research and culture center designed to foster critical reflection through research, production and awareness-raising about Arab, African, and South African peoples. The organization was established as a result of the Summit of South American-Arab Countries, first held in 2005 in Brazil.

Quick facts
Intensive language and culture courses taught by refugees
When: July 2 to 30, 2016
Where: Baronesa de Itú Street, 639 – Santa Cecília – São Paulo
Dates and times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 7:30pm to 9pm; Saturday, 2pm to 6pm
Price: one-time payment of BRL 700.00 or two installments of BRL 375.00 each
20 seats available per class
Find out more at or call (+55 11) 99609-3188

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum