Itaú Cultural project maps research abroad

25 de setembro de 2017

São Paulo – A project by Itaú Cultural called Conexões (Connections) has a database on researchers of Brazilian literature working abroad and wants to expand this archive with information on people with this profile that are in Arab countries. The digital archive has 450 registered professionals, of which only one is from an Arab nation: Egypt.

According to the project’s advisor, Felipe José Lindoso, among the mapped professionals, the majority is working in the United States. The network gathers, in addition to researchers of Brazilian literature, professors of the area or those that use Brazilian literature as part of their jobs in other countries. The database also includes translators from Portuguese to the other languages, living in Brazil or abroad.

“Our experience shows that every country has someone studying Brazilian literature,” says Lindoso. The advisor himself is of Lebanese descent and believes that in Lebanon there should be someone of this profile due to the large Brazilian community. He recalls that many Lebanese migrated to Brazil and later returned to their homeland.

Conexões was created ten years ago. Via the project’s website (, the general public has access to quantitative data, such as the number of researchers in each country. Those interested in the topic can request more complex data, including the ongoing research projects and opinions on the promotion of Brazilian literature abroad. The project aims to be a public service, bring information to people and be used as a foundation for the formulation of public policies in the area, besides showing the importance of Brazilian literature abroad.

The advisor tells that, via the Conexões’ database, it’s possible to see how literature is a bridge to other areas, such as cinema and music. “Literature unfolds in other areas of interest,” said Lindoso to ANBA. The information gathered via the registration of the researchers also show that while in Brazil literature researches focus more on the classics, abroad the main topic are contemporary works and authors.

In addition to the digital database, Conexões also publishes in its website news and articles related to the topic of literature abroad and promotes and yearly international meeting. The next one will take place from November 8 to 10, at the headquarters of Itaú Cultural, in São Paulo. This will be the tenth edition of the Conexões International Meeting, which had two editions abroad and the others in Brazil.

Among the topics to be discussed this year will be literature and the other arts and the public policies for the promotion of Brazilian literature abroad. Maged ElGebaly, coordinator of the Portuguese Department at Aswan University, from Egypt, will attend. Not all speakers and the schedule are confirmed yet. Many students and professors use to attend the discussions. Admission is free but openings are limited.

The Conexões project also published a book, which can be read in print or digital, called “The first class: movements of Brazilian literature abroad.” The book, launched in 2014, has testimonies of Brazilian professors on their first class abroad to foreign students. The digital book can be downloaded for free at Amazon’s website ( and the printed version can also be bought at Amazon or in other virtual bookstores. The organization of the book is signed by Pedro Meira Monteiro.

Quick info:

10th Conexões Meeting
From November 8 to 10, 2017
Itaú Cultural Institute – Paulista Avenue, 149 – São Paulo – SP
Admission free (limited openings – arrive half an hour earlier)

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani