Lebanon offers Portuguese proficiency exam

18 de julho de 2016

São Paulo – The Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center in Beirut will hold its second Proficiency Certificate exam in Portuguese Language for Foreigners (Celpe-Bras). Registrations will be open from July 27 to August 18. The exam will take place from October 18 to 20.

The Celpe-Bras is developed by the Anísio Teixeira National Institute for Educational Studies and Research (Inep). The exam tests the proficiency in Portuguese and rates the candidates in four levels: intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced and upper advanced. People with basic knowledge of the language are not allowed to take the exam.

The cultural center in Beirut set a 20-person limit for the exam. The written part of the test will be applied on October 18. The oral test will take place from October 18 to 20. Seven examiners will apply the Celpe-Bras test.

The Celpe-Bras was first applied in Lebanon in April and was taken by three people, two Lebanese women and a Spanish-speaking man. Najua Bazzi, the center’s director, says that the men earned the highest level, upper advanced, while the two Lebanese women achieved the intermediate level.

“More important than quantity is the result. All three of them received a certificate”, she points out. Celpe-Bras is not the type of exam in which a student passes or fail; the test’s result points to the level the student is currently in.

According to her, the main obstacles to learning Portuguese in Lebanon are the interference of other languages and the fact that there isn’t much exposure of the students to Portuguese outside the classroom.

Those interested in taking the exam in October can sign up for a preparatory course that the center will offer in September. “My expectation is that the students seeking to go to college or looking for a job [in Brazil] will start to look for the Celpe-Bras”, says Bazzi. She points out that people from other Middle East countries can also register in the Beirut cultural center to take the exam.

The exam costs USD 50 or LBP 75,000. Registrations can only be made online at Further information via phone 01-322905 or email

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani