Lecture to address crisis, family business administration

30 de maio de 2016

São Paulo – The ongoing crisis in Brazil brings opportunities and warrants caution from some businesses. Such will be the topic of lecture Governança na Imprevisibilidade: Paradoxos na Empresa Familiar (Governance in Unpredictability: Paradoxes in Family-Run Businesses), to be delivered by business executive and consultant Fernando Curado on June 14th, 7pm at the offices of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

“What characterizes Brazil at this time is extreme volatility, with implications in the economy, and that creates a very high level of uncertainty,” says Curado regarding the future outlook for the country.

He believes attention must be paid to the changes that are taking place rapidly. “We are under an interim government, and it has taken interim decisions that can change within 90 days,” he points out. According to Curado, in this context, businesses must stay alert as to how to shield themselves from negative economic factors, and to “put themselves in a position that allows them to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise.”

The consultant points out factors such as the high dollar and falling inflation as positive facts that will bear an influence in this volatile scenario. He does not believe unemployment will decline, and stresses the need for companies to protect their working capital. However, he notes that whatever good business opportunities come up must be seized.

“It’s time to protect your working capital, to be conservative while not missing out on opportunities. There will be good businesses to buy out, and good markets to break into,” he points out. “Opportunities will come up, and they must be taken,” he says.

Lecture Governança na Imprevisibilidade: Paradoxos na Empresa Familiar (in Portuguese)
With Fernando Curado
June 14th, 7pm
Where: Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce
Avenida Paulista, 326, 11th floor - São Paulo – SP
For additional information write to or call (+55 11) 3147-4066

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum