Men’s footwear for Saudi consumers

23 de maio de 2016

São Paulo – Men’s footwear by Pipper, a company based in São Paulo state, entered the Saudi Arabian market more than ten years ago. Now, the company is searching for new buyers in Gulf countries.

“We are interested in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait”, says Victor Sérgio Sá, the company’s trader. According to him, this year the company wants to start a process of diversifying its foreign markets. Besides the Arab country, Pipper currently sells to Ecuador and Bolivia.

“We have a comfort line that sells well. It’s a soft, light and flexible shoe and these are three important aspects [in footwear]”, points out Sá on the brand’s products. All the shoes exported by the company are made of leather.

According to the executive, in 2015 Pipper exported nearly 12,000 pairs of shoes to Saudi Arabia. There, the company sells the shoes under its own brand and also under the brands of clients.

Among the Saudi buyers of Pipper, there are shop owners and distributors. The trader says that, on average, Pipper’s footwear is exported to the Saudis for USD 25 per pair.

The company has a monthly production of 24,000 pairs. From this total, around 10% goes to the foreign market, but the intention is to increase this number. According to Sá, the company hasn’t set a goal for the increase in exports, but he points out that the company has the capacity to increase its production to up to 34,000 monthly pairs to meet the demand from new clients.

Founded in 1985, Pipper is based in Franca, 399 km from São Paulo, and has around 350 employees.

Phone: +55 16 99101-6686

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani