Morocco’s air traffic grows

30 de junho de 2016

Casablanca – Morocco’s airports received in May 1,533,108 passengers, an increase of 1.28% over the same month of last year, according to data released this Wednesday (29) by the National Office of Airports (Onda, in the French acronym).

The busiest routes were the ones connecting the North Africa country to Europe, accounting for 69.35% of the air traffic in May. The demand for these routes remains significant, despite a decrease in the number of travelers last month. The total of passengers travelling between Moroccan and European airports was 1,063,215, a decline of 2.65% over the same period of 2015.

According to the National Office, domestic destinations appear at second place in volume of traffic, with 11.63% of the total. In all, 178,339 passengers were carried, up 10.34% in comparison to May of last year.

International flights carried 1,354,769 passengers, an increase of 0.2% over May 2015, accounting for 88.37% of total travelers. There were significant growth in traffic in the routes for the Middle East and Far East, with 113,768 people carried, up 20.72% in the same comparison. These destinations accounted for 7.42% of the total.

Routes to other African countries were used by 91,402 passengers, an increase of 9% over May of last year. In the case of other Maghreb countries, the traffic flow registered 58,530 passengers, up 7.71% in the same comparison.

The destination to have grown the most, however, was South America. May’s increase reached 47.56% over the same month in 2015. Traffic, however, is still weak, with a little more than 3,000 passengers last month. The airline Royal Air Maroc operates a direct flight from Casablanca to São Paulo.

Routes to North America carried 24,773 people, a decrease of 3.06% in comparison to May of last year.

*Via ANBA Newsroom. Translated by Sérgio Kakitani