Petrobras’ output goes up

18 de outubro de 2017

Rio de Janeiro – Petrobras reported this Wednesday (18) that its oil output in Brazil in September reached an average of 2.17 million barrels daily, an increase of 2.8% over August’s volume. The output of natural gas also went up, reaching 81.5 million cubic meters daily last month, an increase of 2% over the production of the previous month.

According to the company, the natural gas utilization produced in the rigs operated by Petrobras reached in September, for the second consecutive month, a new monthly record with 97%.

Abroad, oil output in the fields explored by the Brazilian state-owned company registered an average of 64,000 barrels daily in September, a volume 3.3% above the previous months. Meanwhile, natural gas output stood at 7.2 million of cubic meters daily, in this case a decline of 6.9% over the volume reached in August. Total output of oil and natural gas by the company in Brazil and abroad in September stood at 2.79 million daily barrels of oil equivalent.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani