Postal service website to streamline imports

25 de outubro de 2017

Brasília – Brazil’s Postal Service and Federal Revenue launched this Wednesday (25) an online system named Minhas Importações (My Imports), designed to streamline the import of goods. The purpose of the system is to simplify tax payments and the clearance of goods.

The website provides in-depth information on import procedures, interacting with inspection bodies, carrying out payments of taxes and service fees, as well as enabling users to upload of additional documentation and apply for tax revisions. The system allows for taxes to be paid using credit cards.

“The partnership with the Secretariat of Finance streamlines all importation processes. This enables buyers to carry out all procedures online and get the goods at home. However, in order for this to happen, no matter what the source country, the buyer must choose to make a registered order,” said Postal Service president Guilherme Campos.

According to the Brazilian Postal Service, some 21 million people have ordered items online, w purchases reaching BRL 2.4 billion (USD 739 million).

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum