Program takes students to the Middle East

21 de julho de 2016

São Paulo – Students older than 18 years old that are interested in taking part in an educational program in Palestine and Israel next year can enroll until July 29. The trip is organized every year by the Educational Network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel (FFIPP), an international organization formed by academics committed to dialogue in the region.

The network has branches in the United States, France, Holland and Brazil, besides groups of representatives in other European countries. It organizes conferences and trips to the region for different groups of professionals, in addition to the students program. The trip for Brazilians will take place in January and February 2017 and is headed by FFIPP-Brasil.

The program has two phases: ten days of initial guidance and one month of living experience. In the first phase there are meetings and activities in cities such as Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron and Jordan Valley, besides visits to refugee camps and settlements around Jerusalem.

In the second phase, the students will take part in activities of NGOs that are partners of FFIPP in one of the countries. They operate in different areas, such as law, water resources, economy, mobility and urban planning, women’s and refugee’s rights. If they wish to, students can enroll only for the ten days of initial guidance.

The students will meet with Palestinian and Israeli activists and all activities will be monitored and supported by FFIPP-Brasil’s coordinators. They will also provide support before and after the program, including a preparatory weekend in São Paulo.

According to information posted on FIPP-Brasil’s website, the program aims to offer the opportunity to Brazilian students of experiencing a complex geopolitical situation firsthand and, based on this experience, taking an active role in the Palestine/Israel cause after their return to Brazil.

The full program costs USD 1,700, which includes lodging for the full period and other costs from the initial week such as meals, transportation and lectures, in addition to three days of activities in the third week. Those taking part only in the first week pay USD 1,000. Transportation and food from the 1-month living experience is paid for by the student and usually costs around USD 600 to USD 1,200. The airline ticket is also paid by the student.

The program focuses especially on college students. Registrations are open to people older than 18 years old with good fluency in English and carry a registration fee of BRL 35 (USD 10.75). The final list with the selected students will be released at the end of August and the preparation week takes place in October.

5th Educational Program FFIPP-Brasil
Educational trip to Palestine/Israel
January and February, 2017
Registrations open until July 29, 2016

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani