Public accounts see USD 6.55 bn deficit

30 de outubro de 2017

Brasília – The Brazilian Central Bank (BC) released this Monday (30) data that shows that the consolidated public sector (comprised by the Union, states and counties) registered a deficit in the public accounts in September of BRL 21.259 billion (USD 6.55 billion), excluding interest rates expenses. In September of 2016, the primary deficit stood at BRL 26.643 billion (USD 8.21 billion).

The primary deficit year-over-year ending in September stood at BRL 152.339 billion (USD 46.92 billion), which accounts to 2.35% of the GDP, the sum of all services and goods produced in the country.

Also in September of this year, the Central Government (Social Security, Central Bank and National Treasure) had a primary deficit of BRL 22.227 billion (USD 6.85 billion). State governments registered a primary deficit of BRL 163 million (USD 50.20 million), with counties registering a deficit of BRL 613 million (USD 188.80 million). Federal, state and local state-owned companies registered a primary deficit of BRL 191 million (USD 58.83 million) last month, excluding companies from the Petrobras and Eletrobras groups.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani