Public debt reaches USD 1.09 trillion

25 de setembro de 2017

Brasília – The Federal Public debt went up 1.87% in August, totaling BRL 3.404 trillion (USD 1.09 trillion), reported the National Treasury Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance, this Monday (25) in Brasília (DF). In July, the debt stock totaled BRL 3.341 trillion (USD 1.07 trillion).

The Internal Federal Public Debt Securities (DPMFi), which is part of the public debt that can be paid in reais, had its stock increased in 1.91% when going from BRL 3.224 trillion (USD 1.03 trillion) to BRL 3.286 trillion (USD 1.05 trillion). According to the National Treasury, this increase is due to the net issuance, that is, more emissions of public bonds than maturities, of BRL 33.08 billion (USD 10.62 billion), plus the payment of interests of BRL 28.38 billion (USD 0.11 billion).

The stock of the External Federal Public Debt, obtained from the foreign market, increased 1%, ending last month at BRL 117.57 billion (USD 37.36 billion). According to the National Treasury’s report, the variation occurred especially due to the real’s depreciation against currencies that comprise the external debt stock.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani