Public debt widens to USD 1 trillion

23 de outubro de 2017

Brazil’s combined internal-external debt was up 0.79% in September to BRL 3.43 trillion (USD 1.07 trillion), up from BRL 3.04 trillion (USD 1.065 trillion) in August.

Brasília – Brazil’s Federal Public Debt – which comprises internal and external debt – widened by 0.79% to BRL 3.430 trillion (USD 1.07 trillion) in September from BRL 3.404 trillion (USD 1.065 trillion) in August, the Brazilian Ministry of Finance’s National Treasury Secretariat said this Monday (23).

Internal debt (Dívida Pública Mobiliária Federal interna - DPMFi), payable in Brazilian currency (real), widened by 0.78% to BRL 3.311 trillion (USD 1.036 trillion) from BRL 3.286 trillion (USD 1.028 trillion). External debt was up 1.22% to BRL 118.88 billion (USD 37.53 billion).

Brazil’s total debt is seen ending the year at between BRL 3.45 trillion (USD 1.07 trillion) and BRL 3.65 trillion (USD 1.14 trillion).

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum