Qatar has competitive products for Brazilian market

26 de setembro de 2017

São Paulo – A delegation from Qatar presented its demands for products and the goods it plans to sell in Brazil in a seminar this Tuesday (26) at the headquarters of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the city of São Paulo. The mission that is visiting Brazil includes representatives of nine companies from Qatar and of the Qatar Development Bank (QDB), which is organizing the initiative. Most of the companies both import and export.

“Our prices are competitive,” said to ANBA Hassan Khalifa Al Mansoori, executive director of Qatar Export Development Agency (Tasdeer), which is the QDB arm for the internationalization of the Arab country’s companies. The companies that are part of the delegation are from sectors such as food products – beef, poultry, flour and processed meat products –, medical products, electric material, aluminum and supplies for the gas sector.

Mansoori said that the companies that want to export to Brazil are in the country to talk, negotiate prices and close deals. According to him, the prices of the products from Qatar will be set with the Brazilian companies that are interested. “It’s a good chance for us to explore opportunities for deals to our companies,” said the Tasdeer executive director about the mission in Brazil. In addition to the seminar, there were business matchmaking between Brazilians and Qataris.

In his presentation to Brazilian business owners in the seminar, Mansoori told that Qatar is diversifying its economy, that it is solid and reliable and that the country’s banking system is strong. He mentioned the recently-opened port in Qatar, Hamad Port, which will facilitate the Arab country’s trade with the rest of the world. He invited Brazilians to diversify their sources of import through business with Qatar.

Mansoori said that trade with Brazil is beneficial for Qatar and beneficial to Brazil. “We want to complement Brazil and Qatar trade relations,” he said. The executive director mentioned the trade data between the two countries, with USD 378 million of Brazilian exports to Qatar last year and USD 532 million in exports from Qatar to Brazil. “We intend to reach new heights in this economic partnership,” he said.

After the seminar, the Arab Chamber’s CEO, Michel Alaby, did a presentation to the members of the delegation on the Brazilian economy and received from them many questions, especially about the forms of financing and foreign trade taxes, product registration, plus available input for imports. Among the products that the companies want to buy in Brazil are beef and poultry, soy and corn oil and sugar.

“I noticed that they are very interested in establishing economic ties with Brazil. The mission shows the interest that they have in Brazil and I hope that from now on we will have more business missions from Qatar,” said Alaby, reminding that this is the first QDB delegation in Brazil and that it takes place after a representative from the bank took part in the stand organized by the Arab Chamber at the Apas Show, the food products fair, held in May.

The Arab Chamber’s director William Atui pointed out the products that Qatar has to offer and in which ones Brazil has a need, such as plastics and aluminum. According to him, to hold this type of event, with a meeting between Brazilians and Arabs, is crucial. “We take Brazilians to quickly get to know other markets. This is what we need, to diversify our exports,” he said, pointing out the expertise of the Arab Chamber and its different departments, such as the Market Intelligence and Marketing, to carry this out.

The entrepreneurs and executives from Qatar presented their companies and their goals within the mission to the Brazilians at the seminar in the Arab Chamber. The organization’s events area, where the event took place, was full, mainly with representatives from Brazilian companies members of the Arab Chamber that are interested in doing business with Qatar.

Among the Brazilian companies at the QDB event was the meat processing plant Frigosul, which is already qualified to export to Qatar, but hasn’t began exports yet. The company’s exports analyst, Marcos de Paula, saw the event as an opportunity to start selling to the country. “It’s a market already consolidated, which has what it takes to buy our products and help with our trade balance,” said Marcos.

The company GSI, which operates with the trade of commodities, also attended the event. It already sells to the Arabs from Sudan, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, and it’s planning to enter Qatar’s market, according to Jorge Suguitani, one the company’s representatives in the event. The C.Vale, an agribusiness cooperative that produces poultry, attended the event with the goal of expanding its sales to Qatar. Among the companies from Qatar in the mission was a client of C.Vale, who also operates in Saudi Arabia and sells C.Vale’s products in the Saudi market.

The companies from Qatar in the mission are: Qatar Flour Mills, Qatar Meat Production Company, National Food Company, Qatar Pharma, Qatar Aluminum Extrusion Company, Al Hodaifi Cable Compounding Co., Doha Cables, Qatar International Cables Company and Delta Corporation.

In addition of representatives from these companies, also in the delegation were, representing QDB, Krishnan Venkatesan, Ali Mohammed Al-Mohannadi, Aize Hassan Al-Qahtani and Hajar Abdulla Al-Hajri, plus Mansoori. Also at the event, were the directors of the Arab Chamber Mohamad Orra Mourad and Mohamad Abdouni Neto, and Qatar’s ambassador in Brazil, Mohammed Alhayki, among other leaders.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani