Shoes for Middle East women

06 de julho de 2016

São Paulo – Shoe company Bebecê, out of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, first made its way to the Middle East in 2012 via the United Arab Emirates. In 2014, Saudi women got their chance to wear the brand, which exports to 20 different countries.

Bebecê makes a wide variety of women’s shoes, including boots, heelless shoes, flats and combat boots, among other models. The top-selling items in Arab countries are pumps and flats.

“They buy napa leather, varnish, suede, coated shoes, shoes made of various fabrics in the colors black, nude, red, caramel and blue,” says Exports coordinator Katia Thums.

Sales to the Middle East are made once a year, both directly and via export-import traders. The Arab buyers are distributors. This year, Bebecê sold 3,000 pairs to the UAE and 5,500 pairs to Saudi Arabia.

The company’s top destinations include countries in Central and South America. Bolivia and Ecuador are the biggest single buyers. Bebecê makes approximately 15,000 pairs of shoes a day and ships 3% of output abroad, but that is about to change.

“We are placing more of a focus on exports now. Our goal is to grow internationally. We plan to export 190,000 pairs in 2016,” the executive reveals. “I believe we have a lot of growing to do. We’ve only just started and the outlook is great,” says Thums. According to her, the company hired a trader to go on international client prospecting trips.

In Brazil, Bebecê goes to the industry shows Francal, Couromoda, the International Leather and Shoe Trade Fair (SICC) and Zero Grau. According to Thums, these events are “very positive” in boosting the company’s exports.

Phone: +55 51 3546-8000

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum