There are 2,175 tourist cities in Brazil

12 de julho de 2016

A document from the Tourism Ministry shows that the number of municipalities that are home to tourism-related activities in the country dropped. As of the last survey, in 2013, there were 3,345.

Brasília – A document released by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism this week shows that the number of tourist municipalities in the country has dropped 35% from 3,345 to 2,175. Mapa do Turismo do Brasileiro, the map of tourism in Brazil, is a tool intended as a guideline for public policies. It also reviews economic aspects of tourism so that the cities at hand are easier to find and support. This is the fifth survey released; the last one dates from 2013.

“The map is an organizational tool that helps the federal government develop policies for tourism in each state. We have been working with budgets that fall way short of our needs. Therefore, it is crucial for policymakers to put the money in the most fruitful places so that each region, the tourists and the federal government’s policies will all benefit,” explains the director of the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism’s Management Department Rogério Cóser.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum