Tunisia opens bidding to import cereals

22 de novembro de 2017

The African country’s government wants to buy 100,000 tons of wheat and 50,000 tons of barley.

Tunis – Tunisia opened a bidding to import 100,000 tons of wheat and 50,000 tons of barley, said the director of Supplies of the National Cereals Office (ONC, in the French acronym), Abdessattar Fehri, to news agency Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP). The volume is needed to meet the demand of Tunisians, despite the fact that the 2016/2017 crop reached 1.6 million tons.

Historically, the Arab country imports cereals, especially wheat. Imports from France account to over 15%, on average, of local consumption, but declined due to the European country’s weak crop last year. This year, the French crop will reach 37.8 million tons of wheat, 10 million tons above the volume registered in 2016.

Last year, Tunisia imported 600,000 tons of wheat from Ukraine, 200,000 tons from Russia, 100,000 tons from Romania, 50,000 tons from Belgium and 64,000 tons from France – against a volume that reached 268,000 tons in imports from this country in 2012/2013.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani