University offers course in Islamic culture

20 de setembro de 2017

São Paulo – The Pontifical Catholic University in Curitiba, Paraná (PUC-PR) is accepting enrolments for the course “Culture and Art in Islam,” running from September 29 to October 27 in Curitiba. Classes will be taught every Friday by professor Jamil Ibrahim Iskandar, from the School of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences of the Federal University of de São Paulo (Unifesp).

The professor will discuss the cultural history of the Arab-Islamic world and the contributions of Arabs to Western development, with an emphasis on philosophy, medicine, astronomy and mathematics. “[Arab] society was an important recipient of Greek culture, as well as a disseminator of that culture throughout the world,” a statement quoted Iskandar as saying.

The Lebanese-born, Brazilian-based Iskandar holds a degree in Philosophy from PUC-PR, a master’s from PUC in São Paulo, a doctorate degree from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and a PhD from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. He spent three months researching the Islamic art collection of the Louvre, in Paris, at the invitation of the museum’s Department of Islamic Art.

“Because their religion prohibits them from worshipping images, Muslim Arabs developed the art of calligraphy to lend beauty to the words that relate to what’s sacred and the praise of God. They also developed the artistic reproduction of elements of nature, as well as the famed Arabesques,” the statement also quoted the professor saying.

Quick facts

Course – Culture and Art in Islam
September 29 and October 6, 20 and 27, from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm
PUC-PR, Curitiba Campus
Enrolment open until Friday (22)
Price: BRL 130.00
Seats: 35

Find out more: +55 41 3271-2203 or

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum"