USA confirms end of sanctions against Sudan

06 de outubro de 2017

Washington, DC – The United States confirmed this Friday (6) that it will lift its economic sanctions against Sudan. Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) quoted the United States Department of State as saying the move comes as a result of Sudan’s “sustained positive actions to maintain a cessation of hostilities in conflict areas.”

Kuna also said the US recognizes that the Sudanese government has improved humanitarian access and is cooperating with North Americans on regional conflicts and terrorism threats. The revocation of sanctions will become effective as of the 12th.

“The government of Sudan’s actions during the last nine months show that it is serious about cooperating with the United States and has taken significant steps to stop conflict and improve humanitarian access within Sudan, and to promote regional stability,” KUNA quoted Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert as saying.

However, she added that “much more progress is needed to fully and sustainably achieve peace in Sudan.” The US government said that it expects Sudan to improve human rights and religious freedom practices and that despite wanting to improve bilateral relations with the African nation, it is “prepared to use additional tools” to pressure the country, in case there are any steps backwards.

The trade embargo on Sudan was put in place in 1997 by then-US president, Bill Clinton, under claims that the African nation government harbored terrorists and didn’t respect human rights. The sanctions were later reinforced due to the civil conflict in the Darfur area.

The decision to partially lift the embargo was taken in January of this year, still in Barack Obama's second term, and should have gone into effect in 180 days, but the Donald Trump administration postponed the deadline for three additional months.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum and Sérgio Kakitani