Vehicle exports up 52% in September

05 de outubro de 2017

São Paulo – Vehicles exports increased again in September in comparison to the same month of 2016. Data released by the National Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (ANFAVEA) this Thursday (5) show an increase of 52.2% in volume in the period, totaling over 60,000 units. In comparison to August, however, shipments declined 10.1%.

Meanwhile, the results from January to September is an all-time high with 566,300 cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and bus bodies send to the global market. The volume surpass in 55.7% exports in the first nine months of last year, and the total shipped abroad in 2016, when 520,100 Brazilian vehicles were sold abroad.

The performance also impacted positively the revenues from foreign sales: in September, automakers and manufacturers of agricultural and road machinery earned USD 1.38 billion, up 39.4% compared to the same month if 2016, and down 4.7% over August. Year-to-date, automakers earned USD 11.659 billion from exports, up 51.5% over last year’s first nine months.

Exports are driving up the pace of Brazilian vehicle output, which increased 39.1% year-over-year, to 236,900 units – in comparison to August, however, there was a decline of 9.2%. From January to September there was an increase of 27% with 1.986 million vehicles produced in Brazilian assembly lines.

The domestic market again showed strong recovery signs, with an increase of 24.5% in sales last month in comparison to September 2016: 199,200 vehicles were sold. Over August, however, there was a decline of 8%.

From January to September, Brazilians bought 1.620 million cars, light commercial vehicles, truck and bus chassis, an increase of 7.4% over the same period of last year.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani