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About the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

For over 70 years, the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has been working to connect the Brazilian and Arab peoples to promote economic, social and cultural development, playing a pivotal role in developing the relationship between these two peoples over the years.

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The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce sees itself as “an important agent in the growth and diversification of Arab-Brazilian trade, building relationships with public and private players in Brazil and the Arab world, with the aim of contributing to make our Arab friends Brazil’s third-largest business and investment partner.”

As a Member of the Union of Arab Chambers, the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce is recognized for its credibility and power as the sole legitimate Brazilian representative of the Arab League’s business interests – an institution that brings together the 22 independent countries that adopt Arabic as an official language.

To connect Brazilian and Arab citizens, the organization offers a number of benefits that are essential for doing business, such as contact details of entrepreneurs, market research and studies, participation in trade shows, business networking, lectures, trade missions, and other activities.

Its head office, located at the heart of Brazil’s economic district in the city of São Paulo, at Paulista Avenue, is a modern installation with over 2,000 m2, an auditorium that can seat 180 people, and a number of event spaces and meeting rooms that Brazilians and Arabs can use to do business.